Sand and Stones

A dance performance at the northern coast of the Netherlands, 2020

The rake scrapes over the sand in a repetitive movement. A regular pattern in the sand occurs, it makes things visible, that were not seen in first instance. Two women, explore the concept of the Japanese ‘Zen garden’ as a bridge to a new reality. A reality that brings them in contact with the sand, the seaweed, the sea and themselves.
Zen gardens were places to meditate in motion. Several large stones in a garden of gravel were like islands, the water flows around. In the dance ‘Sand and Stones’, there is no plan and no story. The women let be what is. From there things seem to emerge.

The film ‘Sand and Stones’ is selected for the 1st International Ecoperformance Festival, organised by Taanteatro Sao Paulo, Brasil, 2021.

Sand and Stones | Performance: Renée Koldewijn, Bushra Arbawi | Camera: Luuk Holiday | Filmproduction: Renée Koldewijn | 2020