Nola’s Change

Renée Koldewijn has been following Dutch painter Nola Hatterman*, since my biography and lecture about Nola in 2008. Koldewijn went looking for Nola’s footsteps in the Nola Hatterman Art Academy in Paramaribo and saw her house in the jungle in central Suriname.

Koldewijn is inspired by Nola’s courage, empathy and involvement with the people of Suriname. Koldewijn made several works about Nola’s change in identity; her transition from a Dutch woman to a woman who felt black inside. Koldewijn processes paint, fabrics and photographs in her portraits of Nola.

*Nola Hatterman has given Surinam art an enormous boost in the sixties and seventies. Until the age of 53 she lived in the Netherlands and there she acquainted the first Surinam people who had moved there. She felt more at home than with her own people. Aged 53 she left for her beloved Suriname to educate children in art. During the last years of her life, she has devoted to her historic paintings about the slave history and the rebellion of the Maroons against this slavery in Suriname.

Renée Koldewijn | Nola’s Change | mixed media | 2017

Text: Ellen de Vries, writer biography Nola. Portrait of a quirky artist.