KoCo Oso

Koldewijn and Corinde | KoCo Oso | installation | Karel Appelhuis BG (Begane Grond) | 2015

Project Artist in residence; Karel Appelhuis, Amsterdam. Renée Koldewijn invited the Suriname artist Isan Corinde to co create, first in Suriname and then in the Netherlands. They transformed famous Dutch artist Karel Appels birthplace, at the Dappermarkt Amsterdam, to: KoCo Oso. A house full of memories and images of Koldewijn of her visit to Suriname and the first impressions of Corinde who had just arrived in Holland. Everything in the room was used and got another function. As did the food from the market in front of the door, like coconuts, coconut flour and other vegetables. The House with different perspectives yielded a spectacular view.