The impact of Hats

Hats and their expression are a recurring element in the visual language of Renée Koldewijn. A Hat has a lot to tell about it’s wearer. It shows something of who he or she is, or wants to be. And perhaps even is becoming by the hat.
It tells something about the time and the culture the Hatter is living in and about his (or her) profession, status, or lifestyle.

In a small town in the south of Holland, Renée painted a big Hat on the wall of a room in the ‘The Huysmuseum’. It is flying through the air, as a big flying object.
In front of the painting she put different hats on the floor and invited visitors to chose one to try on. It was fascinating to notice that people reacted to the Hat in their expression and body language.

Renée Koldewijn | Painting at location | A.I.R. 5 Huysmuseum, Etten-Leur | 2018