Dancing or Fighting

The tales of the hare, originally from Senegal, have always been an inspiration to Renée Koldewijn. The African hare, an inquisitive and open-minded animal, symbolises the explorations of man in search of his identity. For the renewed Art Fence of the Oosterpark in Amsterdam Koldewijn created a series of colorful hares. People of different cultures meet in this park. A referral to the mysterious capoeira. Koldewijn created a photographic narration about this: is it dancing or fighting? A fight hidden in a dance, a survival strategy of Africans enslaved in Brasil. Koldewijn spent years on photography and filming people playing capoeira in the Oosterpark. The hares refer to these sessions in the park.

The Art Fence has been renovated which requires an exposition of Ode to the Hare by Renée Koldewijn. This Amsterdam artist is fascinated by hares, African hares that is. A celebration at the street of diversity.

Dorette Evers, Kunsthek Amsterdam, 2014