Cha Tiger was tricked

Renée Koldewijn and Renzo de Pablo | Performance | Huis De Pinto, Amsterdam | Stills; film Jan van Goor | 2018

Based on a story of the spider Kompa Nanzi. The stories originated on the west coast of Africa, in Ghana. Over the centuries the Anansi stories spread over the former European colonies, to which enslaved Africans were transported. Today these stories are part of our shared heritage. In this performance Renzo and Renée reflect without many words on the feelings and actions in the story. Who is who: who is the Tiger, who is the Spider. With who do we identify? Would we interprete this story in another way in a decolonised community?

Renzo de Pablo wrote an auto-ethnographical research thesis through art and life: Being Renzo de Pablo. This collaboration was part of his graduation at the university of the Arts Utrecht, june 2019.